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The aura of the instrumental music of Sanjeev and Sonali has crossed the boundaries of the heart to touch the soul. It elevates the pleasure of the listeners to a new level by adding an hitherto unknown dimension to the instrumental music. Sonali plays Hawaiian Guitar and Sanjeev plays Accordion. For the first time, these two very 'wonderful' instrumentalists combine together to weave the tunes of all-time great songs and bring out the essence of the songs. Together they have performed in innumerable number of stages and have earned huge appreciation and recognition.
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Sanjeev, in spite of leading a busy life of an industrialist, is popularly known as a great musician. He is a well-known name when it comes to music arrangement and accompanying with famous vocalists in the field of Bhajan, Ghazal and Hindi film songs of the golden era. However, his real feel of a song comes out when his magical fingers run on the keys of his Accordion. He has rightfully earned his name as a lead instrumentalist.
Sonali is a serious student of Hindustani classical music, Rabindrasangeet, Nazrul Geeti and Indian Classical Dance since her childhood. She, however, fell in love with Hawaiian Guitar after listening to the mesmerising performance of the Guitar Legend - Shri Sunil Ganguly, who subsequently became her Guruji. An ardent follower of the Sunil Ganguly Gharana, Sonali makes her Guitar sing Hindi film songs.
'Sanjeev-Sonali perform' all over india and abroad on platforms of high repute.
Sanjeev-Sonali are available for instrumenal music show for respectable events and programmes.
Sonali teaches Hawaiian Guitar on Skype.
Sanjeev has a production house for supply of midi files.
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